Look, let’s lose the idea that messaging professionals like presenting.


The majority don’t. That’s why so many of them are bad at it – and that’s a big problem when it comes to delivering your value proposition to customers and prospects.


You’re not going to change the culture in your sales and marketing teams overnight, but if you change the tools you are giving them, making it easier for them to socialize and share your ideas and your value, that will lead a culture change.


The first tool they need is a well-structured, highly persuasive and consistently deliverable value proposition. Instead of being built around your offer, that presentation should be focused around the prospect’s challenges and the questions they will want answering:


Why shake up the status quo at their organisation?


Why use you over your competitor?


Why you?” and “Why them?


Simple questions and answers – tensions, resolutions, case studies and numbers to back those resolutions up.


Packaging up and rolling out that value proposition across sales and marketing teams can seem daunting for leaders in large multinationals working across geographies.


The trick is in structuring your proposition to the point where the structure can act as a framework for delivery.


Use the structure to your advantage – script a standard conversation around it, ensure that your messaging professionals own that narrative and learn it by heart.


And the very best way to structure a value proposition, create a narrative and ensure that even the largest, most widely spread sales and marketing teams can deliver it clearly, concisely and consistently?




Let’s talk.




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– Tom @WSL