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We train whiteboarding specialists with clients to improve their visual communitcation skills.

Whiteboarding is a dynamic, agile presentation mode that can be used to articulate a wide range of corporate messages, including Value Propositions, Sales Continuations, Corporate Positioning, Solution Selling, Differentiation Pitches and many more.

The humble whiteboard is the greatest piece of persuasion technology ever invented –

if you know how to use it.

We have worked with clients across the globe

“Within three months of the enablement training we had 100% of our sales people capable and confident in the consistent delivery of our chosen message. If that’s not good enough on its own – the use of the Whiteboard also opened the door to over £4m worth of qualified business opportunities.

“We have now trained over 600 Account Managers and Sales Managers in the message, and as a consequence have generated in excess of $25 million in incremental pipeline.”

“It is like the difference between radio and television, or the silent movies, and the talkies. The extra dimension involved in using the whiteboard has made a dramatic change on our sales people.”

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Smart persuaders, leaders and communicators have been using visuals to explain themselves since the dawn of time.

Steve Jobs—who certainly had a keen interest in the smallest of product details—was an artist with the whiteboard. He used it to explain corporate strategy to his employees, he used it to outline his product ideas, and he used it to formulate his grandest ideas for Apple Inc. When Mr. Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he famously killed most of the foundering firm’s products and replaced them with a lineup that he outlined on a two-by-two grid on a whiteboard: A notebook and desktop for consumers, and another pair for professionals.”

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