Social selling was going to revolutionise the way your sales teams work. Remember that? You were going to scrap cold calls and face time, give your road warriors a smiley LinkedIn pic and a laptop and just watch the high-quality leads tumble in. Your funnel was going to be stacked, remember?


Remember everyone talking about ‘Sales 2.0’? That was coined in 2006, referring to new-breed, tech-savvy, social sales people who would revolutionise results and the industry. 12 years ago now.


Remember the promised content marketing/conversions lock in? Effective automated lead and prospect scoring? Big Data accessed, analysed and leveraged at the click of a button?




It’s just fashion. Just noise. Conference filler. It’s yoyos and fidget spinners for Sales and Marketing execs with nice chairs and BMWs.


Yes, some things start as trends and go on to become part of the fabric of how people sell. Most of them don’t.


Let’s strip all the bullshit away – what matters in Sales and Marketing? What always matters?


Results. ROI and bottom lines.


How have those results always been driven? Through creating great sales conversations that build and strengthen great sales relationships.


However complex your ideas, your value or your offering, the core of marketing and selling is simple. Socialize and share your value concisely, consistently and persuasively.


There are a range of different tool kits to help you do that. We know that the humble office whiteboard is the most powerful piece of persuasion technology on the planet – others might disagree.


But we promise you whiteboards aren’t going anywhere. No hype, no fuss, and no bullshit. Just effective socializing and sharing of ideas, and real ROI.


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– Tom @WSL