The very best sales collateral can do a lot of heavy lifting.


Quality collateral can give your sales people’s conversations persuasive structure and weight. It can be a key differentiator, the bit of competitive edge you need to secure big wins.



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What sales collateral – even the best stuff – can’t do is sell for your sales people.


There’s always a risk that sales collateral just won’t be used – but the biggest risk with great collateral is that sales people think it will win pitches on its own.


You might be very excited about the all-singing, all-dancing new sales brochure you commissioned – spot-glossing, foil embossing, full-page hero images and all.


Your enablement team might be buzzing about their new slide deck, full of solid research, or the perfect balance of hard-hitting Gartner figures and emotional weight.


You might even have worked with us to create a whiteboard strategy – a powerful visual presentation and narrative that you can deliver on a whiteboard, a moleskine, or even the back of a napkin while you grab a quick coffee.


None of it is going to win the pitch for your sales people.


Collateral is just another resource, a tool to help your people socialize and share your ideas and your value.


In the hands of properly trained sales people, the right collateral can be the perfect tool to communicate your value in a clear, concise and consistent way – but your people need to know your offer inside out, need to understand how best to use that collateral and then – they actually need to use it.


All the foil embossed covers in the world won’t beat a solid foundation of understanding – that’s why honing and firming up that understanding is a key part of designing and delivering every whiteboard strategy.


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– Tom @WSL