You may disagree, but if feels to me like waiting isn’t really a sales strategy.


And yet in multinational sales organisations, sales teams are often completely reliant on marketing to generate leads and pass them down the pipe.


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How can sales or marketing leaders justify that?


Even with departments structured so that marketing sources and qualifies leads, sales teams shouldn’t just be sitting around waiting for marketing to throw them a bone. It’s like some weird version of Glengarry Glen Ross.


And the world, the marketplace, the buyer’s journey and the roles of marketing and sales have evolved a lot since coffee was for closers…


Marketing may operate above the funnel, creating positive noise, differentiation and cases for change, but – especially selling B2B – sales should be sharing that function too, generating leads and nurturing vital relationships.


It’s that relationship building that lights a fire under results, and that marketing – engaging too early in the buyer’s journey – can’t match. Often marketing walks a fine line with cold calling, clogging up buyers’ inboxes (and spam filters) with disingenuous attempts to open a dialogue, qualify their interest and pass them on.


But coming from a sales person even the same marketing collateral’s tone and content can both mean different things. A positive, mutually beneficial existing relationship can be a huge advantage for a sales person, and they should have the training, ability and tools to allow them to leverage that advantage.


Otherwise you’ve just got a load of wasters waiting on marketing to throw them those Mitch and Murray leads…


Let’s Talk About a Better Way of Socializing & Sharing Your Ideas


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– Tom @WSL