Basically, this quick read boils down to a one-line, even quicker read: digital is just another tool kit.


There are a lot of sales people out there with an ‘all the gear, no idea’ approach to digital – they’ve scraped together solid, high-value networks on social channels, are on top of their CMS and they’ve got the tech (even if only thanks to your BYOD policy)… but they don’t know what to do with it all.


It’s the same attitude that made you pay £4k for that new road bike, before realising that just owning it doesn’t make you a better cyclist.


Great sales people are about fundamentals. They create value, work as strategic partners and understand client needs like a business owner. Their understanding and insight offer real value to potential clients. That value is what clients will pay for, and that’s what makes some sales people better than others.


The best sales people need to be able to engineer and steer conversations that best allow them to share that value – conversations about a prospect’s current state of play, real-time pressures and pain points, and how they can help the prospect to move beyond those pressures.


To lead potential clients from their ‘as-is’ situation towards their desired situation, sales people need to be ahead of prospects. They need to evolve faster and understand rapidly, aggressively shifting marketplaces and solutions better than the client.


The right tech and the right toolkits will help them. But, just like your new road bike, tech and toolkits won’t make sh*t sales people better – they’re just a tool to help great sales people deliver their best.


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– Tom @WSL