NEWSFLASH: Sales and frontline marketing pros who aren’t properly equipped to socialize and share their (your) messaging are more or less useless.


And whose job is it to ensure that they are properly equipped? You can point at enablement all you like, or moan that finance keep cutting training budgets. It’s still your fault.


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Teams in customer-facing roles who don’t have the tools or the confidence to proactively take control of a conversation aren’t selling or marketing. Teams who don’t have the insight or the ability to communicate that they understand a buyer’s problem and can solve it aren’t selling or marketing.


They’re just waiting, hoping that the buyer will decide to go with your organisation. That’s it. Rebrand them as ‘Sales Opportunity Observers’, because they’re deadweight – just waiting for a prospect to talk themselves into or out of a deal.


Communication is the heart of selling – anyone in a frontline role needs to be trained and equipped to take control of a room, to steer a conversation towards a positive outcome.


See this very clearly: Your sales and marketing teams need you to give them two things:


1. The tools to socialize and share their messaging effectively

2. The confidence to use those tools effectively


The tools should provide a template for a concise, consistent and repeatable conversation. They need to be adaptable and scalable. That’s it. The confidence comes from mastering those tools.


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– Tom @WSL