The sales/marketing lock in gets a lot of airtime. Sales ‘gurus’ all peddle their own line on what it will take to streamline that relationship and drive bottom lines, but one thing is certain – if you take away where in the buying cycle they are engaging prospects, and how different their day-to-day tasks are… sales and marketing pros are part of the same team.


Marketers are selling, there’s just a slight difference in emphasis.


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Selling is about creating and nurturing relationships with a view to converting leads into customers. Marketing is the art of communicating value… with a view to converting prospects into leads, and leads into customers. While sales pros build mutually valuable relationships with customers, marketing pros are often the first point of contact for prospects, sparking those relationships and front-loading sales funnels.


Salespeople build pitches around communicating the value of their product, services or solutions… and so do marketing pros. Communicating value is a primary sales function, and it’s the majority of what marketing does.


Marketing pros are performing a sales function – often with very limited time or space – and they need the right collateral to socialize and share their value messaging clearly, concisely and reliably. That means treating marketing pros more like sales teams – providing them with collateral that complements and locks in with how sales teams engage prospects further down the pipe.


Because marketing, in the modern marketplace, is selling.


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– Tom @WSL