A combination of design tech, the idea of doodles being ‘juvenile’ and sales and marketing professionals with no self-confidence have all contributed to the idea of visual comms as something fenced off, set apart from everyday sales and marketing tasks, sent to the creatives in the basement to deal with.


But sales managers, product marketers, front line sales reps, marketing leads… they should all be leveraging visual comms. No special qualifications required. Whiteboard Strategies’ Mark Edwards spent decades working in sales, driving long hours, chasing numbers and collecting signatures on dotted lines, and he literally wrote the book on visual communication.


Start by forgetting about the ‘visual comms’ that IT talk about. They’ll say there’s no budget for video conferencing software, tech-enabled whiteboards and VR gear. I’m telling you you need a biro and a notebook (or a whiteboard and markers…).


Communicating any idea is about passing on understanding. Ideas communicated, socialized and shared visually both within your organisation and with prospects and clients, will hit home and will stick. It’s that simple. To return to some favourite stats:


– 2/3 of people are visual learners

– Well-delivered visual aids aid understanding by up to 400%

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

– People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see and do.


Socializing and sharing ideas visually is simple – you just need a few basic drawn components, the simpler the better, and a clear, sequential way of drawing those images along with a narrative that walks your audience through your idea.


You don’t need to be a designer. Jesus, you barely need to be able to draw a stick man. Need some guidance? Drop us a line, let’s talk.


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– Tom @WSL