OF COURSE software as a service will replace existing enterprise software. It’s scalable and quick to buy, install and upgrade. Its global accessibility encourages standardisation across sites and increased collaboration. Updates and upgrades are made remotely. Support is often included. It’s all win.

But people market and pitch SaaS badly. Here are four things to think about when putting together your messaging and sales content.

1. Your Company -> Relationship -> Product

Buyers often have concerns around the perceived lack of control that SaaS gives their IT. So lead by establishing your organisation’s credentials with customer case studies, security standards, awards, network reach, etc.

Next, sell a strategic, long-term relationship with your organisation, and the benefit of your expertise and advice – before having your salespeople socialize and share sticky, concise sales content to share the value of your product.

2. Talk Response Times, Scalability and Speed to Market

SaaS allows you to scale, tweak, patch or fix customer’s software remotely. Instant responses, remote upgrading, automated, coordinated global roll-outs and patches for specific locations. That all means rapid scalability and greatly improved speed to market.

3. Security, Security, Security

Customers are worried about security with cloud-based software, feeling like their data – and their customers’ – is just floating in the ether. Messaging needs to allay concerns about where their information is stored, how it’s stored, and what’s protecting it. Talk encryption, security standards and owning your own datacentres.

4. Talk Total Cost of Ownership

Explain how purchase and installation outlays may be negated, how maintenance, scaling and upgrade costs are reduced, and how SaaS helps clients only pay for what they need.

If you’re more expensive than a competitor, explain why – remote response speeds, lack of minimum costs for upgrades, bespoke patching services, how payment structures build in flexibility etc.


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– Tom @ WSL