Looking forwards in time, I believe that your efforts to fully ‘socialize and share’ your thoughts, ideas, capabilities and insights will be of great importance to you – and your family.

Let’s get one thing straight here: ‘Social Selling’ is a very misunderstood concept. Indeed, many promoters of it are clearly under the misapprehension that ‘it’ is some kind of on-line social club or network where pitching and selling is always easy, always beneficial, and always effective.

But guess what? In many ways, ‘social media’ isn’t actually very social, or sociable at all. FaceBook’s claim to help the world be ‘more connected’ isn’t actually true. Indeed, there is evidence to support the claim that it depresses many of its users. Imagine that! It’s like a pill that is advertised and sold to help people lose weight – and yet, it makes people fat!

However, on the plus side, social media’s main benefit for us users is that it provides us with a simple, cheap, and effective multi-way broadcast media channel – to which our contacts or followers can read, ignore, comment or share. The additional costs for scaling up its reach is as close to zero as you can get. Share to 500, 5,000, 50,000, 500,000 or 5,000,000 and the distribution cost is the same. That is some ‘bang for buck’.

Looking ahead, and in its true business context, the verb ‘to socialize’ is used to mean¬†to disseminate, to circulate, to propagate, and to generate discussion and feedback.

Whether it is on-line via LinkedIn, Twitter et al, or off-line via a 15 minute catch-up in a cafe, the new game in town is to ‘socialize and share’ your thoughts, your ideas, your capabilities and your insights as far and as wide as you can.

If you do this effectively you will need to buy a new Louis Vuitton holdall to carry away all of your money.